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We're Hiring

See below for available job opportunities at scholOURship's parent company Kindred Laboratories, Inc.



Summer Interns


Literary Analysis Research Assistant


Historical Analysis and Archival Research Assistant


Cartography + Graphics Research Assistant

About Kindred Laboratories, Inc.

Kindred Laboratories: Transforming Education through Cultural Empowerment and Digital Innovation


Kindred Laboratories is an innovative organization leading an educational revolution. Our mission is to transform the way we engage with knowledge, leveraging cultural education, digital technology, and rigorous research to bridge information gaps and empower individuals and communities to curate their own narratives. We champion marginalized voices, challenge educational norms, and aspire to create a world where knowledge is accessible to all.

See our current projects to the right!


This pioneering curriculum development initiative tackles inaccurate depictions of historical, cultural, political, and social realities. ScholOURship empowers Black and Indigenous communities to curate their own stories by translating expert research into curriculum supplements. These materials address critical gaps in education, providing comprehensive and accurate insights into systematically excluded communities. Our vision is a world where every learner can explore their heritage and history, breaking down geographical and socio-economic barriers to education. ScholOURship is a movement dedicated to celebrating untold stories.


Tech Knowledge E-Lab

Our technological hub is dedicated to exploring digital innovation's potential in education, research, and accessibility. While our website is under construction, the E-Lab is developing cutting-edge tools and platforms, including a board game translating research on free and fair elections in Nigeria for young voters and an interactive map visualizing trans-Atlantic encounters between Ghanaian poets and African Americans. These endeavors ensure knowledge is not only accessible but also engaging and interactive.

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