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Internship Application

Internship Opportunity: Education and Innovation Intern at Kinfolk Laboratories

Location: Remote (please indicate the time zone(s) you intend to work from when submitting your application)

Duration: 10 weeks (start date to be negotiated during interview as we recognise students may want to take advantage of other summer opportunities)

Internship Overview

We are seeking an Education and Innovation Intern to join our team at Kinfolk Laboratories. This internship offers a unique opportunity to contribute to our mission of reshaping education through cultural empowerment and digital innovation while also assisting in key business development and community engagement efforts. As an intern, you will work on our scholOURship initiative and play a pivotal role in advancing our mission.

Kinfolk Laboratories is committed to learning from and partnering with people across diverse communities and industries. We encourage applications from candidates of all backgrounds and experiences.


Join us in our mission to transform education, empower marginalized voices, and rewrite the narrative of knowledge accessibility. Be part of the Kinfolk Laboratories movement today!

Email us at with questions.


Intern Project

As an Education and Innovation Intern, you will be actively involved in exercising skillsets along themes, including:


Business Development:

1. New Curriculum/New Writer Onboarding: Develop a streamlined work stream for onboarding new curriculum writers, ensuring a smooth integration process. This involves creating a comprehensive guide and support system for writers joining our team.


2. Call for Proposals and Marketing: Assist in the development of a compelling call for proposals to attract new curriculum writers. Collaborate with the marketing team to promote the call effectively, reaching a wider pool of potential contributors.


Community Engagement + Sponsorship:

3. Connecting with Education Organizations and Schools: Initiate outreach to education organizations and schools, encouraging them to utilize our current syllabi and commission new ones. Establish and nurture partnerships to expand our reach within educational communities.


4. Identifying Grant Opportunities: Research and identify eligible grant opportunities that align with our mission and initiatives. Prepare grant proposals and applications to secure funding for our projects.


Social Media Marketing:

5. Social Media Management: Take charge of our social media platforms, curating and creating content to engage our audience. Develop a content calendar and execute strategies to build a strong online presence. Utilize social media trends like reels to create engaging, visually appealing content that resonates with our target audience. Boost audience engagement and increase our online following.


What's In It For You

By interning with Kinfolk Laboratories, students will gain valuable skills and perspectives, including:

  • Business Development: Experience in developing efficient work streams and marketing strategies to onboard new curriculum writers and expand our educational offerings. Work closely with a dynamic team dedicated to reshaping education.

  • Community Engagement: Hands-on involvement in establishing partnerships with educational organizations and schools, fostering collaboration, and identifying funding opportunities. Contribute to projects with a significant societal impact.

  • Grant Writing: Proficiency in researching grants, with a focus on aligning missions and identifying financial support for our initiatives.

  • Social Media Marketing: Expertise in social media management, content creation, and audience engagement, with a particular emphasis on leveraging trends like reels.

  • Cultural Competency:  A deeper understanding of cultural education, diverse perspectives, and the importance of amplifying marginalized voices.

  • Collaboration: The ability to work collaboratively within a dynamic team environment, learning how to contribute effectively to collective goals.

  • Strategy: Develop a plan with supervision and executing on that plan to meet expectations and make impact. Gain hands-on experience in curriculum development, digital innovation, and educational programming. We’re a young organisation with purpose and promise, and we’re excited for you to leave your mark!


Intern Qualification

Research Abilities:

  • Proficiency in researching grant opportunities and preparing grant proposals to secure funding.

  • Strong research and analytical skills

  • Familiarity with digital tools and technologies is a plus.

  • Organizational Skills: Ability to create and maintain structured work streams for onboarding new curriculum writers and managing marketing initiatives.

  • Marketing Knowledge: Understanding of marketing principles and strategies to effectively promote calls for proposals and attract curriculum writers.


Communication Skills:

  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills to connect with educational organizations, schools, and potential partners.

  • Ability to work effectively in a collaborative team environment, contributing to collective goals.


Social Media Marketing:

  • Social Media Management: Experience in managing social media platforms, including content creation, scheduling, and audience engagement.

  • Content Creation: Creative skills to produce visually appealing and engaging content, including the ability to create reels.


Technical Proficiencies

  • Google Suite (Sheets, Docs, Drive)

  • Wix (web editor)

  • Canva graphic design (infographics, social media graphics, slides)

  • Video editing


Kinfolk Konnection

  • Passion for Education: A genuine interest in reshaping education, promoting inclusivity, and empowering marginalized voices

  • Cultural Awareness: An understanding of the importance of cultural education and diverse perspectives in curriculum development and community engagement.

Job Application

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